The typical pin-style marking gauge works well, but when scribing a line along the grain of some woods, that pin will tend to wander with the grain. This can leave you with an inaccurate line. Recently however, I tried out a Veritas wheel-style marking gauge in a colleague’s workshop. Since the hardened steel wheel slices through wood fibers, rather than tearing them, you don’t have to worry about wandering along a grain line. They’ve even got a micro-adjust model that makes it a heck of a lot easier to dial in the perfect setting. Plus, the micro-adjust model comes in well under $50.
With the gift-giving season coming up soon, there’s no better time to make — and market — wood worked children’s toys. You can have a wide range of products to offer clients — from small and large doll houses to rocking horses or nutcrackers. If you do decide to go with making children toys, be sure to adhere to safety requirements to ensure a thriving and popular, family-friendly business.
Drill four 5/8-in. diameter, 1/2-in. deep holes on the large disc, inside the traced circle. Then use 5/8-in. dowel centers to transfer the hole locations to the underside of the small disc. Drill four 1/2-in. deep holes on the underside of the small disc and a 1/2-in. deep hole in the center of the top for the dowel handle. Glue in the dowels to join the discs, then glue in the handle. We drilled a wood ball for a handle knob, but a screw-on ceramic knob also provides a comfortable, attractive grip. Apply a finish to match your cabinets, then center and screw the lazy Susan bearing under the large disc and play spin the bottle.
You can also make these cute heart embossed box for gifting it to your best friends forever as well as to your mother’s day too. They are perfect box for saving money or for other valuable items which needs safe keeping. These can also be the cute center pieces for coffee tables. If you want to make this type of heart embossed boxes then watch this video
Planing up some beautiful walnut for a charcuterie board this afternoon. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for some videos with tool-specific demos, and first on the list is how to properly sharpen and tune a handplane for efficient use. I’ll cover everything from what stones to buy to which jigs you need/don’t need. What other questions would you like to see get answered? #woodworking #handtools #shareknowledge #sharpening #buildlikeagirl #preservetradition
Before I go out on a limb and purchase a woodworking book, I do a little research to figure out which one will best serve my needs. Not only do you want to find the best woodworking book for your needs, but you don’t want to end up with something low quality or outdated. In an attempt to help you avoid such issues, here are the things to look out for when searching for the best woodworking books out there:

Starting a woodworking business may sound small and common but just like any other business it takes commitment and fund to start and strive. Startup cost for a home based woodworking business which doesn’t include the incentive for leasing or any structural adjustment was what the above detailed cost analysis covered. With increase in size and scale comes the increase in start-up cost.
One must hate going inside every minute to get food supplies while you are chilling in your pool or resting on your outdoor furniture! Let’s remedy that with this DIY outdoor serving station. This can be a perfect summertime or even springtime entertainment station. Start off by buying 24″ x 24″, 3/4″ wood project panels, a 10′ long 1×6 pine board, and some other supplies here. modpodgerocks

The beautiful and elegant wooden candle holders! Isn’t it the best gift for all the girls out there? I think yes it is! It can greatly help you to switch on your mood within a blink of an eye and will change the ambiance all around you. These wooden candle holders can be in any shape and size or you can make it according to your own desire. By watching this video you can have an idea about how this special wooden candle can be made.
How much wood products are sold for varies a lot. Even the same types of wood products might be sold for vastly different prices, depending on how they’re made and where they’re sold. For example, Svetulka on Etsy sells kids’ name signs for between $19 and $73 (depending on the number of letters and finish). Kolorize lists similar signs for between $68 and $163 on the same site.