You might be surprised at the amount of money some folks will pay to have the best products for their pets. Domesticated animals are like one’s children, after all. Besides selling pet homes and pet furniture made of wood, you can also approach other companies with your craft. Try taking your crafts to pet stores, trade shows and farms. It's best to find out what is offered in your local area and what the biggest needs of your market are.
With the gift-giving season coming up soon, there’s no better time to make — and market — wood worked children’s toys. You can have a wide range of products to offer clients — from small and large doll houses to rocking horses or nutcrackers. If you do decide to go with making children toys, be sure to adhere to safety requirements to ensure a thriving and popular, family-friendly business.
I like that you mentioned that one of the hardest parts of your business was dealing with shipping. It was nice of the customers to still leave a 5-star review even though the items broke. Starting my own woodworking company has been a dream of mine since I was 5 years old. I have loved working with my dad in his workshop as I was growing up. The material durability is something I really care about and hopefully, I can find a professional that can inspect the durability of the materials that I use.
To support this passion, there is plenty of resources available. However, many of these require you to pay to access the materials. Thankfully, there are some sites that offer free tools. One of the best sites is Ted’s Woodworking, who offer free plans and e-books to get you interested in their service. Let’s take a closer look at these free offers and how they can benefit you.

After the parts are machined, woodworkers add fasteners and adhesives and connect the parts to form an assembled unit. They also install hardware, such as pulls and drawer slides, and fit specialty products for glass, metal trims, electrical components, and stone. Finally, workers then sand, stain, and, if necessary, coat the wood product with a sealer or topcoats, such as a lacquer or varnish.
A woodworking business can set itself apart from other wood shops by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices, and by educating customers about the crafting process. In-person conversations, pamphlets and even tags can be used to share with customers what work went into making a piece and why that piece is different from ones produced by competitors.